Keep Your Septic System Running Smoothly

Get a septic lateral line restoration in Amarillo, TX or the surrounding areas

Your septic lateral lines flush out the treated water from your septic tank back into the soil. If they get clogged, then it can cause your entire septic system to get backed up. Thankfully, you can avoid this with a lateral line restoration from Barrett Soil and Septic Restoration in Amarillo, TX.

As part of our lateral line restorations, we use a special decompactor called the EarthBuster. This lets us break up any hardened soil that's formed around the end of the lines without ruining your yard. Many times, this is all it takes to get your runoff flowing as it should.

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5 Facts About the EarthBuster Decompactor

Want to know more about our lateral line restoration services in Amarillo, TX?
Below are five key facts about the EarthBuster soil decompactor:

  1. The machine creates minor breaks in the ground to relieve fluid pressure
  2. The machine is completely eco-friendly for your peace of mind
  3. You’ll find that the machine saves you a good deal of time and money
  4. The decompaction process is quick and provides immediate results
  5. By using the machine, you may be able to avoid replacing your drain field

If you have any questions about the EarthBuster, we’ll be more than happy to field your call.
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